Vocabularies, dictionaries, and glossaries, may also be serviceable to those who are sufficiently advanced to learn how to use them. This is my apology for dwelling so long upon the present topic. To all but the deaf and dumb, written language is the representative of that which is spoken; so that, in the view of people in general, the powers of the letters are habitually identified with their sounds, and are conceived to be nothing else. I know that there are tons of negative opinions about places like planned parenthood but the do offer resources for birth control, general women's health as well as free condoms. They may also, each for himself, have some peculiar way of utterance, which will confound some sounds which other men distinguish, or distinguish some which other men confound. The improper diphthongs are twenty-six; aa, ae, ai, ao, au, aw, ay,--ea, ee, ei, eo, eu, ew, ey,--ie,--oa, oe, oi, oo, ou, ow,--ua, ue, ui, uo, uy. Nine are called " Atonics ; they are heard in the words, U- p , ou- t , ar- k , i- f , ye- s, h -e, wh -eat, th -in, pu- sh.
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Correct the division of the following words by Rule 4th: Jones followed him implicitly, and adopted the same number. Some very long words indeed admit a secondary accent on another syllable; but still this is much inferior, and leaves one leading accent prominent: A correct example will occasionally he admitted for the sake of contrast, or that the learner may see the quoted author's inconsistency. Not in their form of presentation; for the same word may be either spoken or written; and speech and writing present what we call the same words , in two ways totally different.
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The Grammar of English Grammars/Part I - Wikisource, the free online library

We would argue that the best way to find out if someone has not had sex yet if they really care to know is simply to ask her — and it's entirely up to you whether or not you want to discuss it at all! Any of their forms may be used for such purposes, but the custom of each science determines our choice. Again the question may be, whether they ought not to be joined to the foregoing word, according to Rule 6th. But, according to Rule 2nd, "The first word of every distinct sentence should begin with a capital. I have the same problem
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Every line in poetry, except what is regarded as making but one verse with the line preceding, should begin with a capital; as,. Subscribe to free Drugs. But I don't want to take any chances. But oo or the sound of e , requires an , and not a ; as, an eel, an oozy bog. To exhibit the exact pronunciation of words; 4.
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