He heard his mom giggle and the man's answering laughter. Kelly was massaging my balls at the same time, milking them and coaxing more pre-cum to flow out of my cumslit directly into my stomach. His body was lean and tan, except for the area of his skin that was pale white and outlined from his wearing of shorts. He knew better than to touch her purse. His body shuddered as I touched his penis. Indeed, he was obviously absorbed with himself.
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She hadn't stormed into the room to dress him down. Since he hadn't had one in a few years his mother decided a full physical was in order. However, the thought of stripping in front of her excited him a little. She then uncovered what was on the second cart. While she laughed, one big spurt flew directly into her mouth, splashing against her white teeth and coating her tongue with my potent seed.
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I glanced and saw that she wore a pair of baby blue cotton panties under the robe. Her tits were in the way and I could not see her hands but I could feel them yanking on my crank, making it swell even more. Already, globs of pre-cum were flying everywhere, coating her upper torso with their clear substance. But what she said was, "Well, it usually happens in older boys, but it's normal to see drops of a clear fluid from time to time. The two eighth- graders goggled at Eric's cock as it twitched and bobbed in the air. For a second his entire body, except for his frantically stroking hand, was rigid with muscle tension, and then suddenly his hips thrust upwards and his cock-head grew until it looked as if it might explode.
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He gave Eric another shove. Desperate to be not the shortest, he looked around and spotted Eric. I could see the material pressed tight against her pubic mound. She was wearing a v-neck top of black lace over a pleated black skirt. Make a hard-on, if you can, and we'll see," he said. It was bigger than any cock she'd ever dreamed of, and it wasn't even hard.
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